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Thought of the day

Thought of the day

Akshara - Feb 10, 2015

Throughout the day today, I have found myself in a very excited state because today happens to be my birthday. Every year, my mother celebrated my birthday for me from the planning to the execution. For a change, this time, I decided to organize my birthday myself. The best birthday party theme I could think of is the one fashioned after Harry Potter. I still need, and I badly want, to read the last book. But my mom said no since she wanted me to focus on my unfinished summer projects. Anyways, I started preparing invitation cards with Harry Potter characters like Hermoine Granger, Ron Weasley, Parvathi Patel, Snape, Quarrel, Mc gonnagal, Voldemort, Filch, Fangs, Draco Malfoy and of course Harry Potter. Everyone has to dress up as a character in Harry Potter.

Birthday Snowman

Then we play a game like Quidditch. Finally, the hour has arrived. When everybody has entered our house, they have started to shout in excitement. I too have been very excited too. Then, cake cutting has taken place. My cake has been looking like I had visited Hogwarts magic school. My mom has prepared for everyone lovely cupcakes topped with hats. Everybody has immensely enjoyed my birthday. I have received a real broomstick just like the one in Harry Potter as a gift. Then I have also got the last book of Harry Potter. I have been so happy. My mom has even let me and my friends watch a Harry Potter movie. I have been jumping up and down in joy the entire evening.