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Party Ideas - Krishna Theme

Birthday Classical Theme

Birthday Classical Theme

Ramana - Feb 11, 2015

Krishna's name conjures up the picture of a young boy playing the flute in our minds. As a birthday theme, Krishna brings up lots of ideas. Chakras (wheels) in the birthday paraphernalia. There are several childhood stories of Krishna that are all-time favorites for all children. You can include pictures from any of the following stories of Krishna in designing the birthday invitations: Krishna killed the demoness Putana, disguised as a wet nurse, sent by Kansa for Krishna's life. He tamed the serpent Kāliyā, who previously poisoned the waters of Yamuna river, thus leading to the death of the cowherds. In Hindu art, Krishna is often depicted dancing on the multi-hooded Kāliyā. Krishna lifted the Govardhana hill and taught Indra, the king of the devas, a lesson to protect native people of Brindavana from persecution by Indra and prevent the devastation of the pasture land of Govardhan.

Little Krishna with flute

Indra had too much pride and was angry when Krishna advised the people of Brindavana to take care of their animals and their environment that provide them with all their necessities, instead of worshipping Indra annually by spending their resources. In the view of some, the spiritual movement started by Krishna had something in it which went against the orthodox forms of worship of the Vedic gods such as Indra. In Bhagavat Purana, Krishna says that the rain came from the nearby hill Govardhana, and advised that the people worshiped the hill instead of Indra. This made Indra furious, so he punished them by sending out a great storm. Krishna then lifted Govardhan and held it over the people like an umbrella. 

It is easy to include some magic related stuff in the birthday celebrations as Krishna’s childhood reinforces the Hindu concept of Lila (mesmerizing act or magical trick or fantastic game). Remember that the idea is to play for fun and enjoyment and not for sport or gain. The story of Krishna’s battle with Kāliyā also supports this idea in the sense of him dancing on Kāliyā’s many hoods. Even though he is doing battle with the serpent, he is in no real danger and treats it like a game. He is a protector, but he only appears to be a young boy having fun. This idea of having a playful god is very important in Hinduism.

The playfulness of Krishna has inspired many celebrations like the Janmashtami: where they make human pyramids to break open handis (clay pots) hung high in the air that spill buttermilk all over the group after being broken by the person at the top. This is meant to be a fun celebration and it gives the participants a sense of unity. his mischievous pranks as Makhan Chor (butter thief) will inspire us to have some other games.

Baby Krishna with makhan gamla