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Party Ideas - Birthday Party Games

Birthday Themes, Activities And Games- 5 to 7 Years

Birthday Themes, Activities And Games- 5 to 7 Years

Sridevi - Feb 11, 2015

When it comes to a birthday party, this age group is easy to please. Here are some games. Hula Hoop, Treasure Hunt, Holding a Balloon in between heads, Memory game, Leamon, and Spoon race, blasting the Ballons, Freeze, and Dance, Clay Pot making, Pot painting, Tug of War, Etc

Teddy Bear with Happy Birthday Balloons



This is one SUPERHERO who makes even cobwebs look like fun! Have the kids SWINGING and SPINNING at your SPIDERMAN party


Yet another SUPERHERO to your rescue! Have Batman and Robin create magic and transform your party into a SUPER birthday party


We have all heard the saying - ' Smile and the World SMILES with you' So how about spreading that SMILE around with a SMILEY birthday party?


The beauty and charm of BUTTERFLIES are so captivating for kids and adult alike! Kids will be FLUTTERING into your BUTTERFLY birthday party –you could have them flutter in literally – we'll show you how

Super Man

SUPERHEROES are stuff children's dreams are made up of – why not give them a chance to live their dream! Have SUPERMAN create magic in your birthday party – its SUPERMAN to the rescue! Literally!


VROOM VROOM! Fire up the engines of your COOL CAR themed party! Hop in on all the fun or else it will Vroom away in a blink!


COPS and ROBBERS – need we say more! This is another classic game that will last for generations! LET THE GREAT CHASE BEGIN!

Hello Kitty

This little kitten is every child's favorite! Bring in this cute and adorable little kitten to find the way to everyone's heart!

Scooby Doo

Who doesn't love this darling cartoon character! You could have a Scoobydooby adventure party that's sure to have everyone go SCOOBYDOOBYDOO!


Being a PRINCESS is every little girl's dream! Make their dream come true with this PRINCESS birthday party!


Spring is here! Well, almost : ) You can bring in the spring feel! How? Just SHOWER them with a FLOWERY birthday party!


Get all those budding master chefs out there and have a great cooking bonanza that kids would simply love! This is an excellent way to get kids excited about the food they eat which in turn would mean lesser complaints at meal time!

Games and Activities:

Treasure hunt

Hula Hoop

Lemon and Spoon

Blow up Ballons

Balancing a Book

Musical Chairs

Treasure Hunt

Pot Making

Musical Chairs