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Party Ideas - A Bitter Halloween Goodbye

Adieu Halloween!!

Adieu Halloween!!

Vineetha - Nov 02, 2015

Halloween marked a wonderful night of celebration for children and adults alike. Be it the  candies, the pumpkin carvings, the wild and wacky costumes or the plain sheer excitement of impersonating or rather getting into the skin of your Super Hero or a character you adore, Halloween is a holiday that presents you with a multitude of reasons to just be as Silly and Crazy as you wish and Have Fun!

Though this is a relatively new holiday for Indians as it originated in Europe and then moved on to the US, the multitude of Indians who returned back home from the Western countries brought this culture back home. Those who were not at all familiar with this holiday too started joining in as it is one holiday without any religious connotation followed by anyone who wants to have just plain FUN!

While smaller kids loved to dress up as their favorite Disney Character, older kids enjoyed dressing up as weirdly as possible - the scarier the better being the golden rule! More than the costume dress-ups, kids enjoyed going door to door with their friends for Trick-Or-Treating. This is a holiday that little kids are so excited about sometimes even more than their own birthdays!

Parents have also started inculcating the habit of sharing and sense of responsibility towards the lesser privileged section of the society by encouraging them to set aside a major portion of their Candy loot for charity. Since nothing can be more important to little kids than Candy, the very act of giving away something you cherish so much to someone who can't afford it will definitely go a long way in making them better human beings. So like any other holiday, Halloween too is a holiday that encourages people to give back to the lesser privileged section of the society.

Let us bid farewell to this FUN Holiday with the hope of dressing up even more wildly and contributing even more generously to needy.

GOODBYE HALLOWEEN until we meet again next year!

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