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CELEBRATE Festivals and CELEBRATE Life !

CELEBRATE Festivals and CELEBRATE Life !

Vineetha - Nov 06, 2015


Indian culture is so rich and diverse that we have one festival or the other around the corner. With the multitude of festivals dotting our calendar, what is the big deal about festivals - why do we celebrate each and every festival with so much excitement and vigor? What is so special about them?

We are a nation of over 1 billion people who follow more than 6 religions. So our country is indeed blessed with a rich cultural heritage that we all are exposed to a myriad of festivals which form the cornerstone of these 6 religions. Apart from the main religions we also have tribal festivals and village fairs thereby filling up most of our calendar days, not months! But it is this cultural diversity that makes us Indians totally unique and precious - truly the KOHINOOR of the world!

Festivals give us a much-needed break from the monotony and stress of everyday life and elevate life to a state of exuberance and enthusiasm. They give us a reason to reconnect with our loved ones, and thereby with ourselves also in a way, as every festival is an occasion to get together with family and friends with good food and loads of excitement. Festivals are the twinkling stars in the plain, monotonous night sky of life - They make life truly a CELEBRATION!  So CELEBRATE every festival with as much vigour and enthusiasm as you can gather and transform your life into a sparkling CELEBRATION!

Join us in CELEBRATING the sparkling JEWEL of Indian Festivals - DEEPAVALI - NEXT!

We will start our celebration right from the very first day of DEEPAVALI - Dhanteras up until the 5th day which is the last day of the festival. Let us delve into the significance of each day of the 5-day festival and truly understand why DEEPAVALI or DIWALI is known as the KOHINOOR of Indian Festivals, worldwide!