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The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

Vineetha - Mar 24, 2016


-  A collective fun activity for the whole family

-  A reminder list of promises to keep

-  An effective  ' I AM BORED '  bomb diffuser!

Bucket List

                        CAUTION !!! SUMMER IS HERE!

"BUCKETLOADS OF FUN AHEAD"                                     

Summer is the most exciting part of the year for any school going kid as it means complete freedom from studies & time for a whole lot of FUN! But for parents its a whole different ballgame. They have to tackle the  ' I AM BORED ' bomb often! It is quite a challenging task to keep the children engaged productively without having them fall prey to electronic devices.

But a little planning ahead can make Summer a truly wonderful time for the whole family! This year be ready for your Summer Ammunition to diffuse their little boredom bombs - your family Summer bucket list!

A Bucket list is nothing but a SUMMER TO-DO LIST but way different from our regular To-Do lists as this one has only FUN stuff on it! Get the whole family together and ask each member what they had always wanted to do but could never get around to it during the year due to one reason or the other. Each member makes a contribution and that idea goes down on the list. 

This activity, apart from filling the Summer Bucket list, also becomes a fun-filled interactive activity bringing the whole family together. Parents often make various commitments to children during the school year but are often unable to keep them due to various unavoidable circumstances. The Bucket list helps parents to remind themselves of their commitments ensuring those are fulfilled. It indirectly also teaches children the important lesson of making commitments and keeping them. And the silver lining for moms is that apart from creating the bucket list being a family activity, they are well armed to tackle the Boredom bomb - just pull an activity out of the bucket list!

The bucket list can have activities as simple as a drive to the beach nearby, playing a board game together at home or even a weekend getaway - just the stuff that is precious for your family members no matter how big or small!

                                                                         HAPPY SUMMER.