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Party Ideas - Seasoning Your Artwork

Did You Season Your Art?

Did You Season Your Art?

Vineetha - Apr 05, 2016

Add a dash of SEASONING to your ARTWORK!

Kids simply love to get messy with just about anything and painting with watercolors or poster colors will definitely top their list. Summer is the perfect time to let kids go as crazy as they want with their Artwork. Why not introduce them to a totally cool and awesome technique in watercolor art? Show them how to SEASON their art - seasoning anything is sure to improve its innate quality - how can art be any different?

  Watercolor + Salt = AWESOME ART                                                                        

Different textures of common salt bring in remarkable textures and crystalline sparkles to your watercolor paintings. The salt, when sprinkled on damp watercolor paint, absorbs the moisture from the watercolor to create a gorgeous flower like spots in the painting. It seems as if each granule or crystal of salt is chasing away the dye to reveal a lighter area beneath it. The possibilities and options for using this technique in watercolors are limited only by your imagination - Trees full of colorful fall leaves, the field of flowers, snow-capped mountains and much more can be created with just a sprinkle of this magic dust!

Though working with salt on watercolors has its own challenges, as salt never behaves in an expected way, the surprise element it brings in makes it all worth it!

How to SEASON your ART :

1. Take the desired size of paper for your painting and wet it slightly.

2. Create your masterpiece watercolor artwork

3. Wait for some time until the watercolor becomes damp but not dry. The excess water if any can be blotted out with a paper towel.

4. Sprinkle little sea salt and table salt in appropriate areas of the painting to bring in the variation in textures.

5. Allow the painting to dry completely and brush off the salt.

seasonal art

                                                           HAPPY SEASONING!