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Best Birthday Party Tattoo Artists in Bangalore

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  • A tattoo artist will create tattoos.
  • The artist's availability is for a 3-hour duration.
  • Approximately 40 tattoos can be done during this time.
  • The artist will have a tattoo kit with them.
Things to Remember
  • To set up, please arrange one table and two chairs.
  • Proper daylight lighting arrangements are required.
  • Please be aware that the photos provided are for representation purposes only.
  • Additional charges will be incurred for any extra hours needed.
What you can expect?
  • Tattoo Artist or Tattooist, the one who turns skin into a canvas, by creating an art. As tattoos are kind of a self-expression, kids more often want to mark their favorite things, animals, cartoons on themselves at parties and events.
  • Tattoos are becoming increasingly popular among children in birthday parties and social function. They are hand paintings with natural paint used to making them fun and safe for both kids’ and parties.
  • PartyOne also offers super cool and creatively cute designs. . If you want you can also choose to look for speciality paint tattoos with white paint, glow in the dark, or glitter. Kindly do make note that Tattoos can be removed immediately with a cotton swab dipped in baby oil. They’ll also come off over time with soap and water.
  • Tattoos are hand painting with natural paint used to making them fun and safe for both kids’ and parties.
Why PartyOne?
  • Experience Over 1 Lakh Parties, Celebrating 3000+ Events Every Month
  • Reach Access 170+ Top-Rated Vendors
  • Service Top-Notch Experiences with Just a Few Clicks
  • Our Promise We Promise to Simplify the Whole Process of Hosting a Party
Cancellation Policy
  • More than 48 hours before the experience will receive a full 100% refund
  • Between 24 - 48 hours before the event will be eligible for : 70% refund
  • Between 6 - 24 hours before the experience will receive :50% refund
  • Cancellations made less than 6 hours before the event: No Refund
Customer Reviews

228 Reviews

Review received in February 2024

Very well Talented individual, seen many artist over the years at different parties, but this person was truely gifted, amazing to see such wonderful art work.Even though he took some time for detailing, but totally worth the wait......

Review received in November 2023

The tattoo Artist was a very sweet person, she did a nice job with the kids. Nice colorful paints and designs were used. Everyone liked them. THanks team , for making it colourful

Harish J
Review received in November 2023

Very nice Tattoo Service. Very quick and prompt

Sriram Chintapalli
Review received in September 2023

We hired Shiva 's services for our daughter's 5th Birthday party for Decoration and Tattoo. We were impressed with his professionalism. The decoration was amazing and perfectly aligned to our expectation. The kids were super happy with the Tattoos drawn by him. He was very calm and patient with 5 -6 year old kids. We would love to hire his services again.

Review received in September 2023

Good Work, kids really liked this and kept going to get more tattoos when ever they can get the chance

Review received in September 2023

The Tattoo Artist has done an excellent job, all of us really enjoyed it a lot

Ramesh S
Review received in September 2023

The children greatly enjoyed the Tattoo Counter

Review received in September 2023

The children thoroughly enjoyed their tattoos and were showing them off, good Idea to book this activity

Review received in April 2020

Good Creative artist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. These birthday party tattoos or temporary tattoos are simple anti-toxin paints and soft brushes. Party tattoo will only be fun.

No. The materials used are skin-friendly so there are no chances. However, if you feel any itching, you should remove the tattoo immediately.

Yes, you can hire a tattoo artist to provide unique tattoo designs for your birthday party.

Our tattoo artist for birthday party are highly experienced and have a catalog of most of the animated characters, birds, butterflies, animals, and simply anything the kids will demand.

We adhere to all legal age restrictions for tattoos and require parental consent for minors receiving tattoos temporarily at parties.

Our tattoo artist for birthday party use only non-toxic, anti-synthetic colors for kids birthday parties. These colors have no side effects and are easy to remove.

Paint used by birthday party temporary tattoo art simply goes off with water; you might require soap if it does not. The product used is non-synthetic and does not stay on the skin for too long.

The duration of each kids party tattoo session varies depending on the design complexity, but our temporary tattoo artists work efficiently to accommodate all guests.

We recommend booking a temporary tattoo artist at least 1 week in advance to secure availability.

Our talented temporary tattoo artists can create custom designs tailored to match your birthday party theme and personal preferences.

All about Tattoo In bangalore

Birthday parties have evolved by leaps and bounds, with entertainment playing a pivotal role in the party planning process. Entertainment party artists like temporary tattoo artist for birthday party in Bangalore can up the coolness quotient of any birthday party like no other artist. Hiring a tattoo artist for kids birthday in Bangalore will make best tattoos that are temporary with non-toxic anti-allergic dyes that can be used without any worries on the skin of children. When hiring a tattoo artist for  birthday party in Bangalore, it's crucial to clarify the available temporary tattoo options, such as natural henna, glitter or metallic designs, airbrush tattoos, and sticker tattoos, ensuring your celebration is a memorable, ink-filled experience! These temporary tattoos in Bangalore for birthday parties wear off easily without leaving any mark. The moments of sheer happiness seen on the faces of the children while they are getting the birthday party tattoo are truly priceless. Hire temporary tattoo artist for birthday party in Bangalore who create magical party tattoo art for the children. Birthday tattoo is very much in demand that their dates be booked months in advance. Identifying quality performers has also become a difficult task, which leaves customers dissatisfied at times at the end of the event. Temporary tattoo as party tattoo by birthday tattoo artist will make you have party artist worth while for a fun filled birtdhay party. Understanding this dilemma faced by our customers, PartyOne has identified the best tattoo artist for birthday party in Bangalore so that we can connect you with birthday tattoo artist and fulfill your requirements to your satisfaction. 

Why should I get a tattoo artist for birthday party in Bangalore?

A tattoo designer for birthday party will be the best option, as this entire art form lets them wander into the world of imagination. Temporary tattoos for birthday party will leave all the kids, especially the birthday boy or girl, feeling special of their own accord. Kids getting tattoos for birthdays will also give them some time to think about what they associate themselves with because that is what will be drawn on their skin. They can just sit, command, and enjoy their new design and jam up with their besties. One more concern for most parents about having a birthday party is how safe it will be for the kids. PartyOne.in promises that they only need to worry about what designs theyre going to get and not about the materials, because we like to take care of our customers, and therefore, only child-friendly materials are used, which can be instantly removed upon the wish of the child as well as parents. We have found great kids birthday tattoo artists across Bangalore to give you and your children a memorable birthday party.

Is it completely harmless for kids to have these tattoos for birthday parties?

Kids always want something unusual or extravagant when it comes to their birthday party. One of the most extravagant activities will be having a tattoo artist for a birthday party in Bangalore, and what else? All the tattoos for Birthday Party made by the tattoo artists for birthday party in Bangalore will only have non-toxic materials that can be easily removed. Hence, kids having birthday tattoos in Bangalore will have a safe and joyful experience. Parents should be rest assured of the safety of their kids skin, as the materials are not at all harmful. A lot of parents might have doubts regarding the aftereffects of the tattoos on their skin, and it is only logical to think so. But all the parents must not worry any more about it because the birthday party tattoo artists that we have found across Bangalore use the best materials. These materials will give the best experience to whoever wants to get the tattoo for a birthday party, and never otherwise. Hence, it will be completely harmless for kids as well as their parents to get a temporary tattoo for kids birthday party in Bangalore.

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No birthday party is complete without entertainment — the main source of fun and laughter in any event. PartyOne is not only about decorations; we are ready with everything you need to keep your guests engaged and having a blast. We provide an anchor who can host your event and keep up the energy at the party. Our talented magicians will leave everyone in awe with their magic tricks. Guests will be impressed by our puppet shows and friendly mascots, who love to interact and take pictures with everyone. Having a nail artist and tattoo artist at the birthday party will amaze your guests, and people will line up to get their nails and tattoos done. Also, we have professional mehandi artists who are masters in various mehandi styles, including Arabic, contemporary, modern, etc. For the 24/7 active kids, we can set up trampolines, train rides, and bouncing rides to burn off some energy. Of course, we offer face painting services that everyone loves, and our skilled artists can transform faces into anything they want. Even though full-course meals are provided at the birthday party, people love tasty snacks. So, we can set up popcorn stalls, cotton candy stalls, chocolate fountain stalls, ice gola stalls, and many more. PartyOne offers various entertainment options to suit your birthday’s theme and budget. We are always here to help you create a birthday celebration with guaranteed laughter, excitement, and lasting memories.

PartyOne provides a wide variety of tattoo designs to suit any occasion, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your event. From birthdays and weddings to school functions and community events, our tattoos can be tailored to match the theme and atmosphere of your celebration. Our extensive collection includes designs for all ages and preferences, ensuring every guest can find something they love. We offer fun and colorful designs for birthday parties featuring popular characters, animals, and flower themes. These tattoos are always a hit with kids, providing an exciting activity that keeps them entertained. We have elegant and sophisticated designs for more formal events like weddings and anniversaries that add a touch of class and personalization. We also offer specialty tattoos, such as glow-in-the-dark, glitter, and white paint tattoos. For school functions, temporary tattoos can be customized to feature school mascots, logos, and colors, promoting school spirit and pride. Our tattoo stalls are popular at school fairs, sports events, and other gatherings, giving students a fun way to show their support. Community events such as festivals, fairs, and charity fundraisers benefit greatly from the addition of temporary tattoo services. They are a fantastic way to engage attendees, create lasting memories, and encourage community involvement. Our tattoo artist is equipped with a complete kit, ready to provide up to 40 tattoos within three hours. This service adds an interactive element to your event and provides visitors with a unique and memorable keepsake.

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