Easy Diwali Decor Ideas At Home

Diwali/Deepavali is truly a culmination of lights, colours, and traditions, symbolising new beginnings. The festival is celebrated across the country in high spirits and grandeur. However the significance of celebration differs from one region to another. Meanwhile there is one common interest i.e. cleaning and decorating their houses during the festivities.

We have put together a list of ideas that could suit your style of diwali decorations at home especially for this Diwali.

Let’s Begin!

1)  DIY - Chandeliers

You can buy a small hoop like the one you see in the image below!

diy chandeliers for diwali decoration

They are available in your nearest sport shop or you might as well try your luck finding it in a fancy store. If you already have a set of serial sets (string lights) then you have saved yourself some money, now all you need is a hook to hold the hoop, some cello tape to twine the lights and thread to give it some stability and your artsy- craftsy decor is ready. Go ahead and try this one!

 2) Glass or Mason Jar Lights

Diwali decorations at home are on full swing? We’re pretty sure; most of you have glass jars and electricity in the house, all you have to do is stuff the string lights into the jar and see the magic unfold. On a side-note, Keventers or frozen bottle is a nice place for fancy jars.

mason jars decoration

3) Paper Cup Lights

Another Diwali decoration idea for the living room can be Paper cups or dispersible cups. They are easily available in the supermarket, make sure you choose a design of your liking or you could still buy one without the design and draw anything on them, add a personal touch. Cut the base of the paper cup, stuff the light inside and tape it properly. Easy as you like!

paper cup lights for decoration

4) Bottle Lights

Ahem!  If you have a stock of empty liquor bottles, now’s the best time to use it. All you need is a hook to hang the bottle or you can just put the lights inside the bottle and place it on the table.

bottle lights decoration

5) Paper Bag Lights

Another great idea for Diwali home decoration are the Paper bags, they come in all size, shapes and style and it’s another great way to decorate your house. If you’re into craft big time, then you can design one and fit the strain lights or bulbs into the bag. You can still use paper bags that you get back from the grocery store and customize it to style, best suited for your ambience.

paper bag lights decoration

6) Glass Bangle Lamps

Glass bangles are the best to use, as they are heat resistant and last for a long time. You can glue them up together and place the diya in its epic centre. It’s easy as it can get. Be creative with diwali diya decorations this 2020.

glass bangle lamps diya

7) Hand - Painted Diyas

One cannot celebrate diwali without the diyas, it’s easy to go to the market and purchase plain diyas and spend more time painting them (Use acrylic paint) rather than paying more for an already decorated one. Simple diya decorations should be on top of your list this Diwali.

hand painted diyas

8) Chinese Lanterns

Here’s Another Diwali decoration idea for living room. This is a great addition for a Diwali decor, since it’s available everywhere during the festival decorations and event decorations it looks great up front. You can buy these lanterns at a reasonable price and that in turn will help you save time.

chinese lanterns decoration

9) Wall - Hangers (Bangles)

There are two ways of making these decorations come alive; the first way is to glue all the bangles against one another and in a circle. Tie it up using satin ribbons and hang them upon a hook and at a place of your choice. The second way is to glue all the bangles together directly to those vibrant satin ribbons and leave them hanging as a pathway decor. (Use up to 10 bangles max for the second method).

wall hanging bangles for decoration

10) Rangoli With Shredded Flowers

Another important aspect of traditional diwali decorations has been the usage of colourful rangoli powder to draw patterned designs on the floor but now, the same can be done with the help of shredded flowers and petals to glam up your front doors.

rangoli with shredded flowers

Chcek out glamming up decoration with balloons and decorators at PartyOne. Like what you read?

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