Where is The Party? 11 Best Party Venues In Hyderabad

Birthdays are special, whether it be yours or your loved ones. That is why we always look for a nice place to celebrate a birthday. But in the hustle and bustle of life, finding a perfect venue for a perfect birthday celebration becomes difficult, especially in a busy city like Hyderabad. 

With more than a hundred places available, people in Hyderabad try to find a perfect birthday party venue in Hyderabad for a dream celebration. But we have a solution for you. we have listed the best birthday party celebration places in Hyderabad to make your task easy. 

Top 11 Birthday Celebration Places In Hyderabad

10 Downing Street 

10 Downing Street is one of the most famous and happening places among the best birthday party venues in Hyderabad. Situated in the heart of the city it's a tremendous place for experiencing the beautiful nightlife and enjoying a birthday bash with friends. They have friendly staff along with exceptional services. 

Venue Type: Nightclub

Capacity:  Upto 250 Guests 

Location: Begumpet

Pricing: Ranges Between Rs 2000 to Rs 5000 For Two Persons.


Looking for a luxurious birthday celebration? Kismet can be the perfect venue in Hyderabad. It serves a gourmet experience with luxurious interiors, scrumptious food, and refreshing beverages. Furthermore, you can reserve a special room to arrange a surprise birthday party and make the day even more special. 

Venue Type: Club and Bar

Capacity: Upto 100 Guests

Location: The Park Hotel, Somajiguda 

Pricing: ₹2400 for two persons


Celebrate your special day with a magical rooftop party exclusively at the Amnesia Lounge Bar. It is one of Hyderabad's most premium birthday party places known for its rooftop indulgence. Try their cocktail menu and rock the dance floor with your friends.

Venue Type: Lounge and Bar 

Capacity: 100 Guests

Location: Jubilee Hills 

Pricing: ₹1700 Per Two Persons

Novotel Hyderabad Convention

If you are looking forward to a grand birthday celebration with family and friends, then the Novotel Convention can be your dream birthday celebration place in Hyderabad. Being a luxury hotel, it serves an exquisite atmosphere for your guests with ample space and clubbing options. 

Venue Type: Hotel and Convention 

Capacity: 725 Guests(Banquet Hall) 

Location: Novotel Hotel, HICC Complex

Pricing: Starting at ₹2200 for two persons

By The Bay 

Are you feeling bored by celebrating occasions in closed areas? Get ready to rock by the beach on your next birthday. By The Bay is a famous restaurant cum club by the beach in Hyderabad. They have a spectacular sitting area in an open area near the sea, where you can enjoy the cool breeze and vibes like a vacation. 

Venue Type: Cafe Cum Bar 

Capacity: 170 guests 

Location: Besides Water Front, Hussian Sagar

Pricing: ₹1200 for two persons (approx) 

Stone Wars

Enjoy a calming birthday under the roof of stars and an enchanting environment at Stone Wars. Stone Wars is an open garden restaurant in the center of the city that serves excellent ambiance, food, and cocktails for a perfect birthday celebration. 

Venue Type: Kitchen and Lounge 

Capacity: 250 guests

Location: Shop 1299, Aruna Arcade, Jubilee Hills

Pricing: ₹1800 for two persons

Lock n Escape

Make your birthday party a day full of adventures and thrill with the Lock n Escape mystery room experience. Play games like treasure hunt, board games, and football according to your package choice. Enjoy exciting theme-based mystery adventures and make your day memorable. 

Venue Type: Mystery Gaming Arena 

Capacity: 10 Players 

Location: Banjara Hills 

Pricing: ₹1000 per person and ₹800 per person for a group of 4

Laser Shooter 

If your friend is fond of Video games, our next birthday celebration venue can mesmerize you. Laser Shoot is a hotspot for gamers in Hyderabad and is available for customized birthday celebration parties. You can fully immerse in an adventurous experience by selecting a battle theme or shooting game for a thrilling celebration. 

Venue Type: Gaming Arena

Capacity: 10 players At A Time 

Location: Jubilee Hills

Pricing: ₹2000 per person


Wonderla, Amusement Park, Hyderabad 

Revive your childhood with an amazing experience at Wonderla, Hyderabad, on your special day. It is a bucket list celebration spot for many children and youngsters. Enjoy more than 40 rides and escape into a world of rejuvenation. 

Venue Type: Amusement Park 

Capacity: 800 Visitors Per Day 

Location: Kongar Khurd

Pricing: ₹1899 for two persons


SMAASH Entertainment 

SMAASH is one of the best places for tech-savvy people to celebrate birthdays in Hyderabad. They welcome you to enjoy a virtual world of adventures using Virtual Reality, 3D effects, and Augmented Reality. If you love technology, SMAASH is the perfect place to celebrate your birthday in Hyderabad. 

Venue Type: Gaming Arena, Restaurant and Bar

Capacity: 80 Visitors 


Pricing: ₹2000 per person (approx.) 

Snow World - Amusement Park 

Hyderabad is known for its hot weather, and it is difficult to celebrate birthdays in outdoor areas, especially in summer. But you can enjoy a dreamy celebration at the coolest birthday celebration venues in Hyderabad i.e. The Snow World. The Snow World provides a cryo zone for rent to celebrate birthdays and events. You can simply reserve and enjoy a refreshing birthday in the summer. 

Venue Type: Amusement Park 

Capacity: 500 Visitors 

Location: Nampally 

Pricing: ₹1000 per person 

In summary, these are the top-rated places that you can try for a unique experience on your birthday. But the world of adventures does not end here. Many more spaces can make your birthday memorable. PartyOne can help you explore, compare, and host a full-fledged birthday party in Hyderabad. Contact us now for more information.

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