Top 7 Easy Budget Things to Do for Your Birthday Party

Birthday parties are the times of creating memories, taking perfect pictures, and surprising a birthday boy or girl at the same time. From elegant cakes, dazzling birthday party theme decorations, and grand return gifts to entertainment performances, there is no limit to birthday celebrations. Birthday is a once-in-a-year event, so everyone wants a memorable party. 

Are you wondering if you can organize a birthday party for your child, partner, or friends on a budget? Worry not; there are plenty of budget friendly birthday party ideas where you can use your creativity to make a grand birthday bash without spending a hefty sum of money. 

Top 7 Budget-friendly Things To Do For A Birthday Party 

Here are some simple, fun, and creative things to do for a birthday party on a budget and ensure everyone is having fun. 

1. Stick To DIY Party Decorations 

DIY Birthday Decorations- Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday decoration items are quite expensive, so using DIY decorations is one of the best budget friendly birthday celebration ideas. You can easily make balloon arches, garlands, and clusters for entrance. It is best to use thermocol or cardboard to cut shapes per the birthday theme, like Disney princesses, cars, unicorns, etc. You can also use blankets or kitchen covers to decorate the cake-cutting table. 

2. Bake Your Cake 

Bake Cake - Birthday Party Ideas

Buying a custom cake is one of the most expensive things when hosting a birthday party. So, if you want to organize a birthday party on a budget, it is best to bake your cake. You can use instant cake bake mixtures or make it from scratch. Decorate the cake as per the party theme. You can buy buttercream, sprinkles, chocolates, and other baking stuff at a local store for cheap. This not only saves money, but you can also make memories. 

3. Organize Mini Games 

Games - Birthday Party Ideas

Where will be the fun without games in a birthday bash? If you are hosting the party indoors, you can organize simple games stalls for kids birthday party like musical chairs, lemon spoon, freeze, and many more. In the case of an outdoor birthday party with enough space, it is best to organize games like a treasure hunt, balloon stomping, tug of war, relay race, donut on a string, etc. These games do not cost anything and are a great way to interact and enjoy the party to the fullest. 

4. Go With Snacks Rather Than Full-course Meals 

Snack Ideas for Birthday Party

Another budget-friendly birthday celebration idea is preparing tasty snacks instead of full-course meals. This is because hiring food catering services can be costly. Host the birthday party between 2 pm and 5 pm to save money on full meals and serve simple snacks. You can make cupcakes, fruit skewers, macaroons, sandwiches, chips, etc. If you want, renting a chocolate fountain machine for the event is a great, inexpensive idea. 

5. Send Digital or DIY Invitations 

DIY Invities - Birthday Party Ideas

It is time to stop spending hefty amounts of money on birthday invitation cards. Opt for DIY or digital invitations if you want to host the birthday bash on a budget. There are plenty of free birthday invitation templates online, which you can use to send custom invitations to all guests without spending a single penny. Another inexpensive birthday party idea is to make DIY invitations. Buy the supplies cheaply at stationery stores like plain cards, colored pencils, stickers, etc. 

6. Host The Party At Home 

Birthday Party at Home - Birthday Party Ideas

The most expensive part of hosting a birthday party is the venue. Organizing the birthday decoration at home instead of booking a venue is one of the best budget-friendly birthday party ideas. If you have a yard, set up the table and a few chairs in the yard, add a balloon garland at the entrance, put string lights, etc. You can host the party in your living room if you don't have enough garden or backyard space. 

7. Make A DIY Photo Booth 

DIY Photobooth - Birthday Party Ideas

Photo booths for kids birthday party have become extremely common and a must-have at any kind of party, be it birthday parties, school events, weddings, corporate events, etc. Ordering a custom photo booth from an event provider that suits your birthday theme might seem expensive. So, to save money, you can make your photo booth. Decorate one side of the wall or a corner with balloons, party lights, color papers, etc. You can also make cardboard frames to get the perfect Instagram pictures. 

Bottom Line  

Spitting thousands of dollars is unnecessary to host a memorable birthday party. You can follow the above-listed tips to organize a simple yet unforgettable birthday party on a budget for your child, spouse, friends, colleagues, etc. Hiring a budget-friendly event provider like PartyOne is also a great idea if you want to have a grand birthday party with top-tier decoration and entertainment. 

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