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Party Ideas - Art And Crafts From Waste Materials

Making Crafts With Waste - Best Out Of Waste

Making Crafts With Waste - Best Out Of Waste

Anu - Aug 20, 2018

Dealing with the waste materials at home is a cumbersome task for most of the people. However, the waste can be turned into something useful and decorative by using the innovative ideas. Therefore, making crafts with waste is an ideal proposition for reusing the discarded waste and creating things that are more beautiful and help in saving the environment as well. Not only the art and craft lovers can opt for the idea of making crafts with waste, but also the people who care about the environment can create the craft with it.

So, let us get started with our top three picks for making crafts with waste so that you need not throw the waste that can be reused effectively.

Lanterns made from Waste Tin Cans

Tin can lanterns

If you have many tin cans at your home that you desperately need to get rid of, then think about converting them into something more functional like lanterns.

Things you need:

Tin cans, hammer, nails, bailing wire, tea light candles, spray paint, and pliers.


  • Take tin cans, clean them by removing the entire label and the glue, pour water into cans and put them in the freezer for a few days.
  • Then take out the cans and create a hole on the top side of the cans and flip them and create another hole crossways the main hole by using a hammer and nails.
  • You can rectify any bulge in the cans by flattening it with the hammer.
  • Create a hook by taking a strip of wire measuring 12 inches and make a curvy look at the ends to create a hook.
  • Now, attach the handles to the cans and make the sides twist a bit to secure the ends.
  • Add the zing to the cans by decorating them with different colours both inside, outside and let them dry. Bring the tea candles and place them in the tin cans, light them and you have your beautiful lanterns crafted by you.

Beautiful Vase made from Empty Bottles

Beautiful vase from empty bottles

You have plenty of empty bottles in your home and you are screwed up with them. However, do not worry as you can create a beautiful flower vase by using the empty and discarded bottles.

Things You Need:

Empty bottles, syringe, watercolours or wall paint, a paint brush, a bowl, plastic tubes of the same size.


  • Bring your watercolours or wall paint and a clean bowl.
  • Add the colours in a bowl and mix them appropriately with a paintbrush.
  • Now, get a syringe and fill it with the color that you made and pour the color in the bottle using the syringe.
  • Make sure to move the bottle on all sides to help the even spread out of the color.
  • Now, let the bottles dry in an upside down manner that would help to get rid of excess paint.
  • Place the bottles in a sink or an absorbent paper and let the bottles air dry.
  • After a few days, you can decorate the bottles with flowers of your choice by putting the plastic tubes in the bottles, and your beautiful vases are ready to dazzle your home.

Decorative Snow Globe Mason Jars

Decorative snow globe mason jar

Your kitchen seems to be flooded with empty mason jars, and you need to utilize them as a décor rather than throwing them away. In fact, you can create an exciting craft with your old and empty mason jars to add the perfect touch to your home décor.

Things you need:

Clean Mason jar, decorative items like trees, animals, a hot glue gun, acrylic paint, glitter, glycerin and distilled water.


  • Get a clean Mason jar, paint it with your favorite acrylic color, preferably silver color, and stick your decorative items like flowers, birds using the hot glue gun.
  • Fill up the entire Mason jar with water, add some glitter and glycerin into it, and close its lid.
  • Now put it upside down and your mesmerizing Mason jar is ready to add positive vibes to your home décor.

To sum up, making crafts with waste is a great way to add the delightful feel to your home décor but also help in saving the environment. So, if your home is decked up with lots of waste materials, then give a second thought to all the stuff before discarding it.

It would enable you to choose the waste material that you can use to make appealing crafts. Moreover, it will save your money, and you would be creatively engaged to make the best DIY crafts. Therefore, get your creative juices flowing and have the best craft out of waste materials.