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Caricature for kids birthday party in Coimbatore

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  • An artist to draw the caricature sketches.
  • A caricaturist will be available for 3 hrs.
  • A single caricature artist can do a maximum of 20 to 25 rough sketches on paper in 3 hrs.
  • Items for sketches will be carried by the artist.
Things to Remember
  • For set up, please arrange one table and two chairs.
  • Proper day lighting arrangements are essential.
  • Please be aware that the photos are for representation purposes only.
  • Mug caricature and digital caricatures are available on request
  • Additional charges will apply for extended hours.
What you can expect?
  • It is a drawing that artists draw and put together at very high speed; it appeals to all ages and makes us all laugh. It is a rendered image showing the features of its subject in a simplified or comic way through sketching, pencil strokes, or other artistic drawings.
  • It is a distorted representation of a person in a way that exaggerates some characteristics. People like to opt for caricatures as they are drawn on the spot, and it builds their curiosity of the people to see themselves in funny ways.
  • As caricatures are filled with creativity, expression, and imagination, unlike other forms of media, kids tend to love caricatures more. Through PartyOne live caricature drawings in coimbatore, we will create a more entertaining and jollier environment. Besides drawing, they also amuse guests and keep party spirits high.
  • Kids can experience new types of art that will be funnier. Caricature artists usually use thick, heavy lines to exaggerate features such as eye size, mouth shape, nose, or body to create humor.
  • Caricature can add a unique and memorable element to any event and provide guests with a fun and personalized sketch to take home. Kids love to see their funny faces. Kids can carry these caricatures along with them as a return gift and treasure them.
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Cancellation Policy
  • More than 48 hours before the experience will receive a full 100% refund
  • Between 24 - 48 hours before the event will be eligible for : 70% refund
  • Between 6 - 24 hours before the experience will receive :50% refund
  • Cancellations made less than 6 hours before the event: No Refund
Customer Reviews

53 Reviews

Review received in December 2023

It was done nicely, kids and parents had fun getting their caricatures done. Thanks team for supporting

Review received in December 2023

The whole event well, the person arrived on time and ensured things ran like clock work!!

Review received in November 2023

Such a professional. Came 10 mins before time , Set the whole place up and was extremely patient with all the kids , It did take some time. But he was very nice .

Review received in September 2023

Would definitely book this for my next eveent, everyone liked it and it kept ppl busy as well on this

Shameera H
Review received in September 2023

Nice of Partyone to suggest this at the event, good to give as return gift too

Heematwala P
Review received in September 2023

Everyone was so thrilled to get their own art work, good vendor as well. Very patient with the children

Review received in September 2023

The Artist sat an extra half hour to ensure that all the kids got their protraits done

Nitu Bansal
Review received in February 2020

The caricature artist work was good

Sowmya Iyer
Review received in March 2019

Had a good experience with partyone , the response to enquiry was prompt and their process of booking is very simple. Hired a caricature artist thru them , the artist was on time and very patient w the kids. Good service and would recommend their services

Mythily Padhmanaban
Review received in February 2019

We opted for caricature and tattoo artist... It was wonderful experience with them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is possible, and our birthday caricature artists have been doing caricature artwork on mugs when asked by customers.

The caricaturist are highly experienced, and they can make caricatures for parties with colors too. It depends on how the customers wish to have them made.

The purpose of caricature is to create identifiable features while also giving it a comic or funny effect.

It becomes difficult to teach caricature when they have to make one for most of the guests. So, it might not be the most suitable time for teaching caricature to kids.

A black-and-white caricature art takes around 10 minutes. A birthday caricature might take more if it’s a group of people and you need colors with it.

Yes, we offer both traditional and digital caricatures for all types of events.

Absolutely! We welcome custom requests and can incorporate any themes or details you desire.

Our artists are skilled in capturing the essence of people of all ages, including children.

Our artists use high-quality paper and professional-grade markers to ensure vibrant and long-lasting caricatures.

Yes, we have a team of talented artists available to accommodate events of any size.

It is recommended to book our services at least 1 week in advance to secure your preferred date and time.

All about Caricature In coimbatore

A caricature artwork is a visual representation of a person, usually a public figure or celebrity that exaggerates or distorts certain features of their appearance or personality in order to create a humorous or satirical effect. Caricature artist for birthday parties is nothing but cartoonists who work mainly on humans and their environment. They depict their subjects in humorous ways through sketches. Children and even adults enjoy seeing caricaturists portrayed in funny little drawings, and they can also take it home with them as a keepsake that can decorate their room. To set up a caricature stall at a birthday party, we will arrange a professional live caricature artist or find a friend who is skilled in this art form. You'll also need to provide them with all the necessary materials, such as paper, pens, and other drawing tools. It's a good idea to have a large sign or banner advertising the caricature stall to make sure that guests know it's available. Having a caricature stall at a birthday party is a unique and interactive way to entertain guests, and it's sure to be a hit with both kids and adults. Plus, it provides guests with a personalized and memorable keepsake from the party. When you hire a caricature artist, the sketch can work as a personalized birthday return gift too. PartyOne has done extensive research in identifying the best caricature artists in coimbatore and can book your chosen caricature artist for birthday party date at no extra cost. You only need to pay the caricaturist online for the reserved time. Just another way of thanking our dear customers for their patronage of PartyOne.

Why should I get a caricature artist for birthday party for my son’s birthday party?

Having a cartoonist for birthday party will give the guests, especially the children, a fun time to indulge in and witness how magical it is to themselves drawn on a piece of paper in a comic way. Caricature is relatively new and attracts a lot of people who are familiar with cartoons caricatures in newspapers and magazines. A lot of artists make caricature drawings on objects such as mugs, plates, etc., which amazes the audience even more and makes them get something like that for themselves too. Caricature birthdays have a special element to them. When you have a caricature artist for birthday party, the art remains extremely dear to the guests, and it works as the best return gift, or as some might call it, a keepsake for the guests. We can assure you that we have researched and found out the best caricature artists online across coimbatore who can make simple caricatures, more artistic ones, colorful caricatures, caricaturist for weddings, ones that can be done on mugs or plates, and ones that can last for a long time. You can decide what type of caricature art you want for yourself, and that is exactly what you will get. Having a caricature for birthday party will be a new experience for your guests of all age groups, and you should definitely give it a try.

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A Birthday is a momentous occasion in the life of a child that deserves to be celebrated with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. Though it is supposed to be a day full of fun and entertainment, the birthday party planned for the special day can be daunting at times. All it takes is a little bit of advance event planning and it will become a fun filled day that is sure to leave you with memories that last a lifetime. Birthday party planning has undergone a complete makeover nowadays compared to what it used to be in the olden days. There are birthday entertainment artists also known as party artists and birthday event organisers who entertain the children with the entire spectrum of entertainment starting from simple game host who engage the kids in group activities to magicians, clowns, puppet show artists, mascots, caricature artists, tattoo artists, jugglers, nail artists, mehendi artists, hair beading, stick artists, theme decorators, balloon sculptor, mimicry artists to birthday event organisers & birthday event planner who organise the entire event according to the budget. Don't just throw a party; create a memorable, fun-filled experience with our birthday event planner. Finding the appropriate birthday party organisers for your kid's party can get tricky at times, but all you have to do is to first identify the type of entertainment your kid is interested in and find an age-appropriate birthday party organisers and entertainers.

One of the most fun parts of this art is illustrating unique cartoons on the spot at fairs, festivals, and events. These sketches are often made in a couple of minutes and serve as a quick capture of the individual's essence. They typically feature exaggerated versions of people in their most iconic styles with playful storytelling. The artist must move quickly, sizing up the person's features and personality to make a quick-hitting portrait meant to be a bit of frivolous fun miserably fast. It is a hilarious sight to behold, as seeing oneself through the eyes of a caricature, whether glamorous or otherwise, will help with the humor. It is an amusing part of the caricature that keeps you entertained, leaves unforgettable impressions on each other, and makes beautiful memories together. Imagine you are at a party, and everything seems nice but suddenly some homie brings out an entire Dhruv Bhatia situation! Yes, a live caricature artist to transform your face into the kind of funny cartoon that Suppandi gets in Tinkle every month. The party entertainers par excellence. They take your facial features, exaggerate them like the cartoon faces of Motu Patlu and make these absolutely hilarious caricatures out of it. It feels as if some Chacha Chaudhary cartoon sketch you wear and reminds of jolly childhood memories. Partyone provides this joyful caricature for every type of party. PartyOne's caricature artists are not just talented, they're also entertaining, keeping the mood light and adding to the festive atmosphere with their quick wit and artistic flair.

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