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Magic Show For Birthday Party in Ranchi

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  • The artist will arrive 30 mins before the party begins.
  • The artist will perform for 45 mins
  • Extra charges for additional duration: yes
  • The sound system part of the package : No
  • Requirements needed at the venue are: Plug Point, Table, Chair
  • The artist caters to the age group: all age groups
  • Extra charge for transportation: Yes
  • The Artist covers the following areas: India
  • The Languages known are: English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu
Things to Remember
  • Sound system and microphone are necessary for the show.
  • Arrange a table for magic items.
  • Ensure availability of power supply.
What you can expect?
  • A Magician is a performer whose lifetime of practice and innate skills co-join to produce magical display. The art of a magician is to create wonder. Hidden things in any magical act create curiosity and people would like to know how something unbelievable could pass in front of their eyes so easily and with so much grace.
  • Our Magician for Birthday Party in ranchi entertains the audience by engaging in supernatural and fantasy works which makes us feel like we have escaped from reality for a moment. A Birthday Magic Show from PartyOne would bring a lot of happiness and smiles to all the kids at the events and parties.
  • People commonly set up magic shows for parties like birthdays, school and college functions and exhibitions etc. Because even though Magic is not real the anticipation of what is going to happen, when it is going to happen, and how, are all real which makes the kids happy and excited a lot.
Why PartyOne?
  • Experience Over 1 Lakh Parties, Celebrating 3000+ Events Every Month
  • Reach Access 170+ Top-Rated Vendors
  • Service Top-Notch Experiences with Just a Few Clicks
  • Our Promise We Promise to Simplify the Whole Process of Hosting a Party
Cancellation Policy
  • More than 48 hours before the experience will receive a full 100% refund
  • Between 24 - 48 hours before the event will be eligible for : 70% refund
  • Between 6 - 24 hours before the experience will receive :50% refund
  • Cancellations made less than 6 hours before the event: No Refund
Customer Reviews

393 Reviews

Review received in December 2023

Outstanding, a big thumbs up !!!!

Review received in November 2023

Wah wah!!!, what a performance . He kept us all engaged and very mesmerised with his tricks. Good we decided to go through with this. Partyone team, I once again would like to say, job well done!

Review received in November 2023

Amazing Show, he was brillliant.. kept all of us entertained. Will always vouch for PartyOne ..hence forth

Review received in November 2023

Wonderful Performance!!!!!

Mamtha Seervi
Review received in September 2023

Good work and best decoration by almas khan.

Manya Singh
Review received in September 2023

He was very very good. So happy that everyone liked the party. Thanks team for arranging all this. Will definitely recommend my friends to you guys. Keep rocking

Review received in September 2023

The magic show was enjoyable, and the kids had a lot of fun. PartyOne organised it very nicely. everyone was very sweet

Review received in September 2023

The magician's performance was truly awesome, and we had a great time watching him

Review received in September 2023

Very well organized and implemented. Decoration, magic show & Emcee all are excellent. Kids enjoyed a lot. Mr Suresh was very friendly and entertained all our requests. I highly recommend them for any party.

Review received in September 2023

The magic show was a hit , the kids loved it!. Thank you PartyOne for making it worth while. Will definitely recommend my friends

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our magicians for birthday party in ranchi have performed in a lot of parties before across many other cities.

Party magicians only need a space where they can have at least a small stage area, which will be at some distance from the audience to display a perfect magic show for birthday.

Birthday party Magicians normally do not need an assistant, although some of their tricks might require volunteers from the audience.

It is preferable that you make an advance booking to hire a magician for birthday party. However, on the spot bookings are acceptable, subject to availability.

Yes. All our party magicians are certified and highly experienced. You do not have anything to worry about.

Birthday party Magician in ranchi will bring his own props.

Yes, we can tailor the magic show to fit your desired theme or event.

Our magic shows usually range from 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on your needs.

Absolutely! We offer magicians for adult party and kids parties that cater to audiences of all ages.

Our party magicians performances feature a variety of classic and modern illusions, guaranteed to amaze and entertain.

Yes, we incorporate special effects and high-quality props to enhance the magical experience.

Yes, we are available to provide magicians for birthday party to a wide range of private events including birthday parties, corporate functions, and more.

Audience participation adds an interactive element to our magician party entertainers performances, making it even more engaging for everyone involved.

It is recommended to book our magicians at least a few weeks in advance to ensure availability for your desired date and time slot.

All about Magicians In ranchi

Magician for birthday party are impeccable illusion artists who can enwrap you in their web for hours. Birthday party magic in a way is just a combination of human psychology, hypnotism, science and the immense skill of magicians. Children are so captivated by magic tricks that they get transported to the land of awe and amazement for hours. As they get bigger and try to decode the magic tricks, they understand that magic is nothing, but illusion performed by highly skilled artisans. But just like there is something charming about the illusion of Santa Claus, the illusion of magic tricks will also charm them beyond their wits. Birthday parties have surely evolved from how they used to be in the olden days. Entertainment has taken over Birthday cake cutting in being the center of attention of the Birthday parties nowadays. Entertainment like Magic show for birthday party in ranchi are so much in demand that the best Magicians for birthday party need to be hired well in advance. Identifying quality performers for magic show for birthday party in ranchi has also become a difficult task which leaves customers dissatisfied at times at the end of the event. Understanding this dilemma faced by our customers, PartyOne.in has identified the best performing Magic show for birthday party in ranchi so that we can connect you with them and fulfill your requirement to your satisfaction. Wishing all PartyOne.in customers a MAGICAL Birthday celebration!   

What will a childrens magician party entertainers do?

A magician for birthday party in ranchi is what Santa Claus is for Christmas, both make our day magical with their magic tricks. Having a magician at a birthday party ensures guaranteed pleasure and an out of this world experience. A magic show for birthday party in ranchi is a must have, as it transcends the spectators and gives them the joy of seeing what might be impossible for all the non-magicians. After playing and eating, kids want to be entertained in a relaxed state and that is what birthday party magicians in ranchi do for them. A birthday party magic show in ranchi makes them excited to stick around in the party right till the end. A magic show at home will engross not just the kids but also their parents, as it is an event where both are involved equally. The newness and innovation in the magic tricks by our party magicians can take the guests to a new horizon of thoughts that will leave them in a state of awe. A lot of our magician party entertainers in ranchi have performed for many birthday parties, most of which demanded them to stay longer than the set duration.

Are you looking to add a touch of wonder to your childs birthday party with magician in ranchi?

Look no further than PartyOne, where we specialize in creating unforgettable experiences with our exclusive magic shows at home specifically for children parties. Our team of skilled magicians for birthday parties know just how to captivate young audiences with their mesmerizing tricks and illusions. Imagine the excitement on your kids face as they watch a professional Hire magician at birthday party at home in ranchi perform right in the comfort of their own home. With PartyOne, you can trust that your event will be unique and memorable, offering premium services that ensure every moment is enchanting with PartyOne exclusive magic show for birthday party in ranchi. How about adding a touch of wonder to your next celebration? Let us make it an occasion to remember with our enchanting magic show for birthday party! At PartyOne, we specialize in creating unforgettable experiences for all occasions, including birthday parties. Elevate your childs special day with our exclusive birthday party magic show services in ranchi, where wonder and excitement abound. From captivating illusions to interactive performances, our affordable magician for kiddie party ensures a magical celebration tailored just for you. With PartyOne, hire magician for birthday party in ranchi for kids party has never been easier – just sit back, relax, and let the magic unfold. Choose PartyOne for premium, customized entertainment that guarantees smiles and memories to last a lifetime.

Do magicians at birthday party in ranchi really help a party to be successful?

A lot of parents nowadays decide to host a magic show for birthday parties in ranchi, irrespective of the scale of the party. This means that there is a lot of loads taken off the shoulders of our customers once they have magic show for birthday party from PartyOne. These hire magicians at birthday party have a set of magic tricks and some real talent to go out there and woo the audience and as a habit, they are always successful in doing so. A successful birthday party is one at which people are happy and remember it for a long time, hire a magician for birthday party in ranchi helps the customers to achieve that. It is proven that children enjoy nothing more than a set of magic tricks that will leave them pleasantly shocked and surprised. Hence, for them it is important that we have a birthday party magic show where they can sit back, relax, get up and participate, anything fun for them. Parents can trust these magicians at birthday parties to make their kids fall in love with the parties thrown by them. A lot of our best magicians for birthday parties have had most of their performances in ranchi.

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No birthday party is complete without entertainment — the main source of fun and laughter in any event. PartyOne is not only about decorations; we are ready with everything you need to keep your guests engaged and having a blast. We provide an anchor who can host your event and keep up the energy at the party. Our talented magicians will leave everyone in awe with their magic tricks. Guests will be impressed by our puppet shows and friendly mascots, who love to interact and take pictures with everyone. Having a nail artist and tattoo artist at the birthday party will amaze your guests, and people will line up to get their nails and tattoos done. Also, we have professional mehandi artists who are masters in various mehandi styles, including Arabic, contemporary, modern, etc. For the 24/7 active kids, we can set up trampolines, train rides, and bouncing rides to burn off some energy. Of course, we offer face painting services that everyone loves, and our skilled artists can transform faces into anything they want. Even though full-course meals are provided at the birthday party, people love tasty snacks. So, we can set up popcorn stalls, cotton candy stalls, chocolate fountain stalls, ice gola stalls, and many more. PartyOne offers various entertainment options to suit your birthday’s theme and budget. We are always here to help you create a birthday celebration with guaranteed laughter, excitement, and lasting memories.

Sometimes, hiring a magician in person for your special event or kid's birthday party becomes challenging because of the issues with location, weather conditions, distance, and so on. In that case, you always have an alternative option of setting up a virtual magic show. Reliable platforms like Party One let you hire magicians for a perfect virtual magic show that will keep all the kids and adults entertained at your party. Virtual magic shows are not just restricted to birthday parties; they can be an integral part of Christmas parties, housewarming parties, celebrations of success, wedding parties, special get-togethers with family and friends, corporate occasions like team meets and parties, and much more. These funny magic shows can light up every guest's mood and give them a hearty laugh to remember for a long time. If you are hosting a very private party with a limited number of guests, virtual magic shows from Party One are indeed an incredible choice. Through Zoom or any other relevant platform, people prefer virtual magic shows a lot these days because it requires less effort and budget, and lets people enjoy the show comfortably at home. These magic shows are equally interactive and engaging as any other in-person magic show. If you have big screens at home or can arrange some, a virtual magic show is the best idea to make every guest happy and enjoy your celebrations the most. Hence, if you do not want to put efforts into making arrangements for the magicians to perform in person at your party venue, a virtual magic show is always a cost-effective and time-saving option that is worthy of all the praise and appreciation.

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