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The decorators will do their job efficiently and leave the venue. The other vendors will stay according to the activities selected.

It depends upon which package you’re opting for. It’s subject to discussion and availability.

If the requirement varies from the listed standard service, then we can discuss it with the vendors and reach a conclusion, which is agreed upon by both parties.

Yes. If the customer insists on meeting the vendor, Our team members can arrange for that.

Yes, such information are generated upon demand by the customers.

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A Birthday Party Package is a magical potion that takes away all the stress involved in planning the entertainment required for the birthday party. This package is such a boon for all the parents out there who are pressed for time to scout for different birthday party artist services available that would fit their budget. Parents can simply choose from one of the Birthday party packages available in all budgets and everything required for the birthday party entertainment would be right at their doorstep at their specified time. No more calling different party artists and shopping around for the best rates, you choose the desired party package that fits your budget and our representative would call you and then coordinate with the artists ensuring that no stone is left unturned in providing you the best of services at all times as always. When it's your special day and time to party, you have all your required birthday party artists right at the party venue ahead of your specified time. has done extensive research in identifying the best Birthday Party Artists in your city an put together the best artist services that go well with each other, in every budget, so that you can pick the package that suits your requirements at a very competitive price. Just another way of thanking our dear customers for their continued patronage for

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After narrowing down to a perfect birthday party package, all you need to do is book it, and leave the rest on us. We have coordinators and assistants at multiple levels to note down your requests and keep you updated with each step that we take. As soon as your package is assigned to a team, they make all the arrangements in the stipulated time. As per your package, all the vendors, contractors, and decorators will be arranged to fulfill all the decoration and activity requirements. For us, our customers are the most important stakeholders and we keep proving this point by considering each of their wishes as our command. This ultimately helps us in making everything under our control, possible. Our team in bangalore consists of coordinators, assistants, vendors, and decorators, each of whom is very polite and work by the similar ethics and code of conduct, which is to keep our customers and kids happy and make their birthday party a memorable and joyful event.

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Here at we provide a number of birthday party packages in bangalore that can woo your kids, and take all your stress away at the same time. It is as if you name the theme, and the next thing we do is discuss the decoration details. We’ve worked hard to understand what the parents of this generation want for their kids and how much more value is given to children’s overall happiness. We make use of this research to design products and services that best suits our customers. Also, Sometimes due to hectic work schedule, parents/guardians find it impossible to make time for the preparations, and in such cases, the very look and feel of the party suffers. Hence, we’ve come up with carefully curated standard and premium birthday packages so that it’s a fun time for both our customers as well as the kids.

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A Birthday is a momentous occasion in the life of a child that deserves to be celebrated with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. Though it is supposed to be a day full of fun and entertainment, the birthday party planned for the special day can be daunting at times. All it takes is a little bit of advance event planning and it will become a fun filled day that is sure to leave you with memories that last a lifetime. Birthday party planning has undergone a complete makeover nowadays compared to what it used to be in the olden days. There are birthday entertainment artists also known as party artists and birthday event organisers who entertain the children with the entire spectrum of entertainment starting from simple game host who engage the kids in group activities to magicians, clowns, puppet show artists, mascots, caricature artists, tattoo artists, jugglers, nail artists, mehendi artists, hair beading, stick artists, theme decorators, balloon sculptor, mimicry artists to birthday event organisers & birthday event planner who organise the entire event according to the budget. Don't just throw a party; create a memorable, fun-filled experience with our birthday event planner. Finding the appropriate birthday party organisers for your kid's party can get tricky at times, but all you have to do is to first identify the type of entertainment your kid is interested in and find an age-appropriate birthday party organisers and entertainers.

Birthday parties sometimes can be stressful to plan, but they do not have to be. We have a wide array of birthday packages that suit all your needs when planning a birthday celebration. Our packages are all-inclusive, starting with helping in the selection of venues and some fantastic places to hold your next event, whatever your theme or size. Be it cozy home parties or grand ballroom events, we cater to every celebration. The decor is essential when creating an ambience, and our packages offer beautiful decor possibilities that allow you to turn any area into a holiday-inspired paradise. With options such as different themes and colour palettes, we will also take care of set-up and take-down on the day. Every good party needs great food, and our party eateries cater to all palates. Whether it is finger foods or other eateries, we keep your guests happy. Every birthday is complete with entertainment, so our packages include live bands, DJs, magicians, and much more. Photo Booth Services are also available for hire, and we offer face painting and interactive games to keep your guests entertained all night long. Our full-service packages even include an experienced event planner who will take care of every last detail on the day to ensure things are seamless. PartyOne is the name you can trust for a hassle-free birthday celebration of your life with memories to cherish for years to come.

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