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10 Balloon Sculpture Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

10 Balloon Sculpture Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Archana - Jul 23, 2018

Admit it, you love balloon sculptures. Well, who doesn’t? 8 or 80, it doesn’t matter. The exclusive art of balloon sculpting enthralls people of all ages and is just the ‘wow’ factor you need to make your party a hit. At the heart of this skill lies the humble balloon. You may have been to parties where balloon sculptors hand out colourful pirate swords and poodles to excited kids. We love them too but think beyond the usual. Here are some creative balloon sculpting ideas we think will elevate the cool quotient of your party.

1.Birthday cake

birthday cake theme balloon twisting

No, this isn’t a typo. We are talking about a delicious looking birthday cake that you cannot eat! Imagine the scene. Your guests walk into the party hall and are greeted by a six-foot balloon installation that is a replica of the real birthday cake. Stunning, isn’t it? What we like about this idea is its grand presence and attention to detail. We counted over 15 balloon rings of different colours along with assorted small ones in between and a neat inclusion of the theme at the top and bottom.

2.Hot air balloons

air balloon theme balloon twisting

In your childhood, you may have seen

cartoon characters on tv float by in a basket tied up with balloons and secretly wished that was you. Here’s your chance to relive that cute dream. Presenting – flight balloons. The real floating air balloons use helium but this design needs to stay on the ground so the balloons are filled with air. The carriage is spacious to allow upto five enthusiastic selfie-takers and has a layer of balloon decorations at the front bottom. At the top of the carriage handles is where the intricate balloon sculpting is on display. Twelve layers of balloons provide the perfect look, guaranteed to impress both kids and adults.

3.Character balloons

minions balloon modelling

When you host a character themed party, its all about linking its various facets like birthday banners, pinâta, plates, games and the return gifts to the character your child likes. Here’s a really interesting addition to your décor. A balloon sculpture in the shape of your character! Check out this giant Minion themed balloon sculpture that gets all the aesthetics right. With the classic 260 sized balloon in yellow, grey, blue and black, your balloon sculptor can give you a prop to remember. You can also add in the number of your child’s age and his or her name for added effect.


Castle balloon modelling

If your child loves playing prince or princess, don’t forget to give this balloon sculpture a look. First impression- Royal with a capital R. Tall, impeccably constructed balloon towers with beautiful archways and multicoloured turrets. Several layers make up the apex of this castle giving it an aesthetically pleasing look. The best part is the functionality. This isn’t just a showpiece you admire from far. With a generous amount of space for kids to move from one part of the castle to another, this is sure to make them ( and their parents) happy.

5.Jungle theme

Jungle theme balloon modelling

You can never go wrong with cute balloon twisted animals that bring joy to every party. A funny eared puppy balloon may be the overwhelming favourite but check this design out. A full-blown tropical jungle on display! You can see the cute giraffe, the monkey and the shy zebra in the picture. The design chops and changes accordingly to the animals you desire.


automobile theme balloon modelling

For those who love automobiles, there cannot be a better choice. We are not talking about the little bike twistable the artist hands out at kiddie parties. We are talking about full blown balloon specimens – Harley Davidsons, Ferraris and Rolls Royces. Made in single as well as multiple colours, these sculptures are not just fantastic to lift the mood of the party but also built so strong that you can actually sit on it! Watch out! There will be a mob fighting to sit on them!

7.The bride and the groom balloons

bride and groom balloon twisting

Weddings always seem to bring out the smile (and happy tears!) out of everyone. With this balloon sculpture, you will make this beautiful sentiment even stronger. Red twisters for the hair, cute round faces sporting a shy smile, white and blue balloons showing off their wedding finery, this installation is a super hit. A great way to showcase the fun side of the happy Mr and Mrs to be.

8.Guitar balloon

Guitar balloon modelling

Did you think balloon sculptures are just about the décor? You haven’t seen this outstanding piece of creativity then! Presenting- A guitar-shaped balloon sculpture that plays music! Yes! With black string balloons twisted around the real strings of a guitar, this little wonder will turn out to be the hero of the day for your successful party.


food theme balloon twisting

Don’t we all have that one friend who comes to a party and the first thing he wants to know is “Where is the food?”! One of the best perks of a party is great food so why not celebrate it? Imagine a giant juicy looking burger, a big cone of chocolate ice cream and maybe even a 7-foot mug of frothy beer- all made out of balloons! Your guests will love this fun touch and make a beeline for the snacks counter after taking a dozen photos pretending to eat the extra large food!

10.Festive balloons

festive theme balloon modelling

A time for hugs and happy reunions, a festival is a great setting to have a balloon sculpture. This Christmas, you can have Santa, his reindeer, your Christmas tree and even the decorations over it done up in special extra strong balloons that will brighten up the festive mood in your house. 15th August is approaching and a balloon sculpture made of the tricolour is sure to be a hit with your visitors. Diwali lamps, rakhis and Valentine’s day- these balloon sculptures are sure to give you a memorable time.

It's amazing what something as simple as a balloon can do. It never fails to cheer you up. Interested to hire a professional balloon sculptor for your party? Visit our page to hire the best balloon artists in the business.