Celebrate Birthdays on Your Own Terms This Quarantine

We all know how worse quarantine is getting by the day in this lockdown period. No need to shed more light on that. However, where we can really shed some light is how quirky quarantine birthday celebrations could become with the right amount of efforts in the right direction. In spite of what you keep telling yourself and others, birthdays are important and meant to be celebrated. So why let the lockdown change that? Here are a few ways, using a good combination of which, you can give your loved ones a memorable time on their birthday.

Fun Activities - There are many things we couldn't make time for because we always had to be somewhere or do something. But guess what? You don't anymore. All you have to do is recall what those activities are. Let us help you here a bit. 

1. Fine Arts - Fine arts consists of making something together, mostly a work of craft. You can make palm patches on a sheet of cloth using colors, create a house using mount boards and old scraps of paper, sew something for each other and so on.

Fine arts for birthday celebrations


2. Singing and Karaoke - This is more of a performing art where you can make use of so many apps available or just use your phone for lyrics. You can make this special surprise by selecting the birthday person's favorite songs , dance and making everyone in the family sing one.

singing and karaoke party for birthday


Cake Making and Fun - I once made a cake by just using ripe bananas and wheat flour. Turned  out really good. So don't worry if you can't find a cake nearby. You have YouTube with a variety of cake recipes using the least number of ingredients. This is something you should do with someone by your side so you end up with a memorable cake making experience too. 

cake making


Best from Waste Decoration - It's really just some furniture rearrangement and LED lights that can make all the difference to the birthday person. If you have candles and some old balloons, well and good. If not, better. Just make the person realize how special they are, creatively. Make DIY decoration articles by using colors, cupboards and paper. Pro tip: a lot of newspapers soaked in water and water color, glitter, sun dried and there you made your own decorative material. Custom design it to suit your walls.

best out of waste decoration ideas


Best from Waste Cards - Remember what you write in the card during lockdown matters, not how it looks. However, you can do a lot even if you have a few worksheets and sketch pens. Recall their favourite things, draw them if you can, or just write sweet (or sarcastic) nothings  like on a birthday card.

best from waste invitation cards


Make memories because it's a special occasion during a special time - it really doesn't matter if you don't have a full proof plan for your loved ones, you can always improvise because you know your family best. Just find something that all of you used to do together when you were young and relive those moments. Story telling for example?

photo session for memories


Quirky Party - If you want to include family members and friends outside of home, you can do so by video calling. People can participate in the cake cutting ceremony, karaoke, dance faceoff - if interested, or just regular chatting with people they love. 

quirky party or virtual party


Movie/video Games Marathon - If there are a bunch of people who have similar movie or video games interests, you can have a birthday party where you watch an entire franchise of movies or play video games in teams to compete. There's no stopping the chill.

gaming party


Birthday in Self Isolation - If you have to stay alone for a while, then it doesn't mean you can't celebrate yourself without others. You can have an entire day of reading, watering plants, cooking your favorite meal, making whatever you like, phone calls with friends and family members, etc. Just remember, everyone should be celebrated, especially on their birthdays.

self isolation birthday


This lockdown is something none of us have ever experienced in our lives. In spite of this being difficult times, it doesn’t have to be gloomy. Looking for a silver lining is better than cribbing about what’s going on. These are just a few ideas to celebrate birthdays in quarantine. Know what? You can create your own ideas and have a birthday of a lifetime because an indoor birthday celebration isn’t that bad afterall. 


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