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Party Ideas - The Beauty Of Woman

Know The Beauty Of Woman From Ages

Know The Beauty Of Woman From Ages

Sri Nidhi - Apr 25, 2018
Beautiful Soul

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8th. But that doesn’t mean, we remember the importance of women-only on one particular day. It is a dedication to the most beautiful souls on this earth! It is marked as a celebration of respect, appreciation, love and care towards women. The objectives of the International Women's Day are:

1) To celebrate the struggle for women's rights in the various domain;

2) To acknowledge women's accord in the struggle for peace;

3) And to show what women have achieved in the rest 364days.

Regardless of any field, women have equal participation in the present world. In none of the domain, she’s considered as a weakling now, which is actually the biggest achievement from the women themselves. Her patience level is unbeatable. She has the perfect balancing power to manage both- family and profession.

Women are no more dependants; her financial stability is equal to men in this modern society. Even in the so-called backward classes, women work so hard to look after their family. She’s the only creature on this earth who can sacrifice anything and everything for her dear ones’. The saying, “Behind every successful man, there is a woman” is absolutely true. Though she works in and out of her house, the moral support from her is constant. You can get any sort of financial support now from external bodies like banks or financial companies. But the moral support to achieve success which is most needed from every individual can only be expected from a woman, which we all can never deny! And that is the beauty of women from ages. She plays the most crucial role in every man’s life, as a mother, sister, friend, girlfriend, wife, daughter or even the cutest niece. And the emotional attachment to them is irreplaceable.

Women are no less in being an entrepreneur. Our own state, Karnataka has AWAKE (Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Karnataka) which is run by some of the major women entrepreneurs to help other women who have the potential to be a successful business woman which is actually a great initiative from the government of Karnataka. Gender issues have been incorporated in the National Political School Curriculum and the Ministry has trained a corps of 73 women trainers from 38 districts. There are many plans and schemes for women empowerment International wide, and there are many organizations which help even the rural women to understand the importance of these benefits and make use of them.

The companies, schools, and colleges also celebrate International Women’s Day to honor the women in their organization for all her hard work and success. Likewise, they also organize some of the fun games so that they also cherish their childhood day’s at least on this day by just letting off all their personal and career tensions and play like a kid. And I can guarantee, all those women who have been treated well and have been greeted for their sincere efforts will never ever forget that organization lifelong. That is the sweet emotion behind this celebration.

But as there is another face of a coin-even in the society we have another part of the story. And the protest against the rape culture, molestation is never-ending. People are almost reaching the conclusion that, women, including the young buds, who have never even seen their teenage are becoming the victims of the deadliest thoughts. Though the government is taking necessary action against this, until and unless the men realize their sin and change their mindset, this never ends!

I would like to say for all the beautiful women, “You are precious! And if you are not treated as one, then you are not in the right hands my dear! Live your life to the fullest and being a woman is a BOON, make complete use of it! Never ever let yourself down, in any situation. Every individual has his/her own thick and thins and overcoming that makes them a strong personality. So, embrace your faults and start appreciating yourself to be one among the successful women in the country”.