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Party Artists!! What Do They Do Actually!

Party Artists!! What Do They Do Actually!

Sri Nidhi - Feb 20, 2018

If there is one day in the year which is special, a day to be cherished, a day to be thankful to our parents and last but not the least, a day to party with no excuse is “THE BIRTHDAY”. We all love parties, and kids are the most enthusiastic and excited ones to celebrate their born day. They start counting the months, weeks, hours and minutes for their birthday candle to be blown and hear the melody song ever, “Happy birthday”. ‘Face is the index of mind’ and their happiness is clearly portrayed on the innocent faces which is priceless!!! And by seeing their anticipation, parents can never stay neutral and they want to make the special day even more special and the best day to be cherished. There is a lot of emotions in celebrating it as well…
To make the birthday parties memorable, it deserves a little bit of advance planning and of course a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. There is a drastic change in recent years with the way of celebrating the birthdays. Initially, it was just the immediate relatives and close friends who were the attendees. But now, it’s actually a virtual get-together of family, friends, neighbors and colleagues even. And it has to be well organized to keep the crowd engaged throughout, which actually requires a lot of effort and plans. There are these important people for whom we have to be really glad to have them take this major task- they are none other than the entertainment artists, also known as party artists. The task of these entertainers is to entertain the kids with various modes, like magic shows, clowns, puppet shows, mascots and the list goes on. 

The new trend is the theme birthday parties. People tend to make it even more colorful and curious by planning the theme for the day, which adds up the interest in the kids and the guests even. For this purpose, the host's hire the party artists and also there are service based companies which assist in hiring them according to their need. There can be variations and customizations in the involvement of artists- like, you can hire the party artists by handling them from planning till execution i.e., the complete package, else you can share your idea and ask them to just execute it without any faults, hiring separate artists for particular plans- say like, magicians, decorators, stage arrangement etc., as per the budget concerns. 

Now, let us see a few kinds of performers and entertainers whom you can consider for your kid’s born day. First and the foremost thing is the cake. So, you need a wonderful cake decorator as per the theme which you are planning for. Then, you need the decoration artists, which include balloon decorations, stage decorations and theme decors as it is mandatory to be colorful since it is a kid’s special day. You can never forget the games’ part of the party as it plays a major role in keeping our guests engaged. You can definitely hire a game host who knows all the tips and tricks to execute the game show at the party. Then you can plan for a magic show, which is thoroughly enjoyed by everyone present at the event, irrespective of their age factor. You can also choose the tattoo artists, who make the evening even more creative with their beautiful designs and people are definitely crazy about tattoos with no exceptions. There is a new idea of hiring mascots as well which are really attractive in the event. 

Nail art can be added to the list since it is definitely on trend now. You can also spice up the event by juggling, puppet shows, and caricatures. The stick walk, guitarists and air walkers can be hired without a miss since they entertain the crowd in a unique way and they are not the ones who are commonly seen around. You can even organize a trampoline which is the best entertainment for the kids. How can you miss a count on face painting!!! They are the most creative people in the event who make the crowd look colorful. You can also arrange the games stalls, popcorn machines, balloon shooting, ice gola and cotton candy. And you can never forget to hire an anchor as he/she is the main person who can attract the crowd with their words and keep them lively. 

Earlier in the blog, I had mentioned regarding the service based companies which assist us in planning the event. They will be having a cluster of best artists as per your customization. You can be assured of the best services at the best price when you actually approach these companies. In these days, people are actually so busy to even visit the company and share their ideas. Henceforth, these companies have facilitated their website with the online chat option where you can expect an immediate response to the query. They help you to be the actual host for the day without worrying about anything. They are the anytime and every time savior for the hosts’. You can hire the party artists as per your budget and plans, to make the event most memorable as expected.