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The idea of surprising someone and enjoying the look on their faces is something all of us like. However, the birthday surprise tasks that we need to go through for planning and executing one, doesn’t sound that attractive. In the busy schedule that we all undergo in a city like Mumbai, it becomes difficult to birthday surprise plan and execute everything on your own for either surprise presents for husband or surprise room decoration. Be it a midnight surprise, a mascot surprise, unique surprise room decoration for husband, a drone surprise or a flash mob such birthday surprise ideas, it is a lot to come up with a birthday surprise idea and execute it in the same way as imagined. Well, you need not look any further as has a wonderful team of people who will work day and night to make your birthday surprise ideas happening, and the person you wish to birtdhay surprise in Mumbai the happiest. We wish to make the most of an occasion for you and would love to assist you in any way possible, so remember that we are here to help you out to plan birthday surprise in Mumbai and execute your birthday surprise ideas.

Yet, in Mumbai, wealth and poverty coexist in the slums. The result is that many local people are now in slum areas. Dharavi is Asia's largest housing slum. In these zones, people are already huddled together in overcrowded surroundings; venturing further, they need disposable pure drinking water, toilets for urgent calls, long-term medical care, etc. It is an absolute feast of contrasts, with the rich living in paradise apartment blocks right next to what capitalism has built from greed and squalor. It says a lot about The City itself. In a city with rapid growth and a huge population, the government has invested almost nothing in infrastructure. Therefore, most of the roads are regularly congested, and the public transport facilities need to be renewed (though there are already quite a few of them). Mumbai is nothing if not a city of sharp contrasts. Rich men and Gandhi Road dwellers live side by side with folks fleeing those slums that border on disaster or merchant sailors with no money but dreams of more freedom—personally human things at their deepest level. While still suffering from these gaps between rich and poor, Mumbai's never-say-die spirit keeps people fighting off the streets to improve themselves in every way. One of the most important reasons to visit Mumbai is its immense diversity. As much as the shopping districts are part of city life in this vibrant metropolis, the high-rise buildings towering into the sky take up only a tiny corner of town.

Steps to Plan an Unforgettable Surprise Party- Plan a memorable surprise party by following these simple steps. Choose a Theme: Depending on the purpose of the celebration, choose a perfect theme to plan a surprise party. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, or baby welcoming celebration, think of a unique theme that goes well with your occasion. For instance, you are celebrating your kid's birthday, and he loves to watch Coco melon all day. Go with the Coco melon theme, where you can decorate your house with matching elements. As per the theme, you can plan your party further. Create a Budget: Whatever theme you choose, you need to set the budget. Know how much you can spend on decorations and other surprising elements. As per your budget, find the venue, list guests and entertainment options, and do different things to add to your party. Many times, you may go beyond your budget. Therefore, keep the budget in mind and plan accordingly. Plan the Surprise Moment: During the party, think of a special moment when you can add a surprising element and make it memorable for your loved ones. It can be a sudden reveal, a mascot entry, a gift, or the entrance of a guest. Without any suspect, this surprising element should be planned or added to the party. Theme Decoration: The decorations should be according to the theme you select. You can choose decorative elements like balloons, banners, cakes, chocolate fountains, etc. The venue must be decorated before the guests arrive. Keep the decoration hidden from the person whom you are surprised at and let him enter when everything is ready.

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