Bhoomi Pooja For House Construction in Mumbai

7000 Includes tax
  • The pooja will be 3 hours long.
  • The Pandit conducts pooja in North Indian,South Indian tradition
  • The Languages known are : English,Hindi,Kannada,Telugu,Tamil,Bengali,Marathi,Malayalam
  • The pandit provides Astrology services: Yes,No
  • The pooja materials can be brought by the Pandit (charged extra) : Yes
  • The Pandit can travel to the following areas : All over India
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Frequently Asked Questions

Pandit’s dakshina may not be included in the package. Clients can confirm this while finalising the booking.

Pooja material can be brought by the Pandit on extra charges or the client can buy them.

he ideal months are Shravan, Margshirsh, Paush, and Kartika.

Vastu puja is included in this package for all the locations.

All about Bhoomi Pooja In Mumbai

Bhoomi Pujan is an important ritual devoted to mother earth. The earth is considered a sacred element in Hinduism. When one wants to start new construction or use the land for cultivation, they do Bhoomi pooja to seek permission and forgiveness for the actions that are disturbing the earth’s equilibrium. Hire a Pujari in Mumbai and he will chant Veda Sutras and perform rituals in honor of goddess Bhumi and Vastu Purusha to eradicate the negative energies and Vastu doshas in land and to bring peace and prosperity. The Purohit sets an auspicious time and date for the Bhumi pujan. He will then visit the site and choose the appropriate corner for performing the rituals, which is usually north-east. A pit is dug in such a corner and Goddess is invoked there and prayers are offered. Also, silver idols of Naag and Naagin are placed inside the pit.

Benefits of Bhumi Pujan

1.This Puja helps get the land rid of evils, doshas, and negativities before the commencement of construction.

2.Facilitates smooth completion of the project without hurdles and provides good fortune to the occupants.

3.It provides worshippers happiness and well-being. It’ll help to yield more crops and get high productivity in case the land is used for cultivation purposes.

4.This pooja protects the home and the occupants from any disastrous natural calamities.

Do’s of Bhumi Pujan

1.First of all the plot should be cleared of all stones, debris, thorns, bushes, shrubs, etc

2.Puja should be performed by the head of the family along with his wife.

3.After the Puja, the lady of the house boils the milk till it overflows and it is spilled over the Puja.

4.Puja should be done as per the Vastu Guidelines.

Don’ts of Bhumi Pujan

1.One should avoid starting the construction in case the female in the house is more than seven months pregnant.

2.Divas Karma, Hadpaksha, and Shraadh Paksha are better avoided for such an auspicious occasion.

3.Saturdays, Sundays, and Tuesdays are not very auspicious for performing this Pooja.

4.Fourth, Ninth, and fourteenth teethis should be avoided.

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