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Navagraha Pooja Booking Online in Mumbai

7500 Includes tax
  • The pooja will be 3 hours long.
  • The Pandit conducts pooja in North Indian,South Indian tradition
  • The Languages known are : English,Hindi,Kannada,Telugu,Tamil,Bengali,Marathi,Malayalam
  • The pandit provides Astrology services: Yes
  • The pooja materials can be brought by the Pandit (charged extra) : No
  • The Pandit can travel to the following areas : All over India
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this pooja can be performed in any temple in Mumbai. Just inform the pandit about this at the time of booking.

If you have an idea as to which Planet has an adverse effect on you, then you just need to tell us the name, and we can perform the Puja for you. The other way is for us to find out from your Janma Patri (Horoscope) and then perform the Puja for the particular Graha.

All about Navagraha Homa In Mumbai

Navagraha shanti Homa is performed to appease nine planets, the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu which control each and every aspect of our lives. Navagraha Homam has the power to strengthen benefic planets and increase their positive influence while neutralising the negative influence. It will ensure Ayur, Arogyam and Saukhyam(longevity, health and happiness) of the family. The homam can be performed after consulting any Pujari in Mumbai who would recommend proper muhurtham based on the performer’s nakshatra. Homam is performed after Navagraha Puja where nine types of flowers, cereals, vastras and naivedyams and used for the worship and blessings of nine grahas are seeked. Then the main homa takes place and at the conclusion, poornahuti is offered and prasad is distributed.

Benefits of Navagraha shanti homam

1.Navagraha shanti pooja reduces the ill effects of the malefic planets and the problems that will arise due to this push and pull.

2.Promotes strength and courage in devotees.

3.Offers magnificent health, mental peace and happiness.

4.Grants wisdom, commercial success and growth and protects from associated losses.

5.It will cure all the problems in your kundali/horoscope.

6.Worshippers can expect success in love and relationships if they do navagraha havan with at most positivity.

Do’s of Navagraha homa

1.Make sure puja is performed according to Vedic rituals.

2.Pooja for each Graha need to be done chanting mantras related to each of them.

3.Grahas/idols should be clothed with new materials of their preferred color cloths as every graha has its own favourite colour.

4.Idols should be offered with the dhanyam ( seeds/ pulses) or food items of their like.

5.Idols should be offered with their preferred flowers.

6.Try to appease the God of the planet that is weak in your horoscope.

Don’ts of Navgrah havan

1.Do not throw the ashes collected from the homa.

2.Do not use the same flowers for all the nine grahas.

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