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Baby showers are probably one of the last ceremonies that the family will organize for mothers-to-be, and we understand how important it will be to keep her smiling and happy throughout her pregnancy. We have a range of services curated especially for baby showers right from personalized invitations to photography and flower decoration. We are pleased to share this detail with the beautiful young couple who will soon have a little one joining them. We just want to make it perfect for you. We also have maternity photoshoot service in Kolkata so that you could seize the moment with your beautiful baby bump forever. Our photographer will make sure that you get exactly what you want and you can decorate your home with them.

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Are you marking dates to welcome a new bundle of joy into your life? Is someone close to you expecting a newborn in their growing family? If that is so, we are here to assist you! At PartyOne, we care for everything - planning, food, beverages, games, and themes that cater to your tastes! Baby showers are a time-honored tradition of celebrating a new life in the world in the company of relatives and close friends. They are a perfect way to share the excitement with your loved ones and receive supportive care. Keeping the usual idea of such a celebration in mind, we help you organize a party that no one forgets! From the right date to the venue, we will help you decide everything. At PartyOne, we give our clients' input extra importance as the event details are entirely up to them. Whether they wish to celebrate outdoors or indoors, with a few guests or many, it is their choice. But we take the celebration up a notch by adding to the overall ambiance for a laid-back and comfy get-together! We uplift the overall mood by creating a scavenger hunt to get the guests chatting, having them submit photos of themselves as babies or a guessing game where they guess the baby's due date. The one who guesses rightly wins a return gift! Our professionals know that food makes a baby shower an enjoyable experience for everyone. That's why we design a well-crafted menu that keeps spirits high and offers an ideal opportunity for guests to connect!

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