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Having your own house or renting one is one thing, but the happiness of staying there starts only when you have your friends and family over for a little celebration and some traditional rituals to perform. And with us by your side, all you need to worry about is make a list of people you wish to invite, and we promise that we can take care of everything else, be it personal invitations, house warming decorations, and even photography. has a number of services for our customers to choose from, and we also try to make it easy for them to select one by giving them the option of customization. We wish to be a part of any day which is important for you, and make it special and complete in a city like Kolkata.

Kolkata exploration is incomplete without tasting the savory flavors of Bengali food. Mouth-watering street food is a tasteful blend of sweetness, saltiness, spiciness, and tanginess. Try Puchka, Kathi rolls, and other local recipes in Kolkata. Go on a walking tour to discover the streets and try tempting food in stalls to get to know the real taste of the city. Bengali cuisine combines savory and sweet flavors using mustard oil, a 5-spice mix, and other local ingredients. Some popular dishes are Macher Jhol, Shorshe Ilish, and Chingri Malai Curry. Local people prepare seafood by adding bold flavors to give their dishes a unique taste. Bengali people love to consume sweet and confectionery items. To satisfy their cravings, anyone with a sweet tooth must try Mishti Doi, Rasgulla, and other mouth-watering desserts. During festivals, sweet shops are flooded with crowds buying their favorite treats for their families and friends. Kolkata is a metropolitan city home to different communities, influencing its culinary heritage. In addition to Bengali cuisine, you can also try Tibetan, Chinese, and Anglo-Indian food. People in Kolkata are also fond of tea and love having a cup of hot tea from local stalls. These tea stalls are social hubs that allow people to meet, connect, and share their life stories. Kolkata is an ideal city for foodies who are always ready to try new flavors and explore different cultures. Once you reach your destination, you will have endless food options. The savory and sweet journey of Bengali cuisine is unforgettable.

Who does not love receiving gifts? Deciding to surprise your guests with unique return gifts at your housewarming party is an incredible idea. Adding return gifts to your party planning list will undoubtedly impact your budget; however, the joys you share with those personalized return gifts will be the talk for a long time and make your party more remarkable. Return gifts are the heartfelt gesture of appreciating your guest's time, efforts, and presence. They add more hospitality to your home, making your guests feel more welcomed and valued. To ensure your return gifts are full of personality and charm, you must choose gifts that strike a perfect balance between practicality and sentimentality, a gift that touches hearts and brings a big smile. Personalized chocolates and candles are the safest and the most hit choice for housewarming return gifts. If you wish to get more creative and gift something unique, you can choose between unique photo frames and vases, framed wall art, decor showpieces, DIY gift sets, printed rugs, cushion covers, or bedsheets. If you have more time and want to add more personal touch and effort, then you can also go for handmade cards and decor pieces that help you cut down on expenses and simultaneously strike the sentiment of your guests. No matter what your gift idea is, your efforts to impress your guests and make them feel special will always be appreciated and remembered. Your return gifts will be the most remembered element from your party flashback.

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