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Hair Beading for kids birthday party in Kolkata

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  • A hair artist will provide hair beading services.
  • The artist will be available for a 3-hour duration.
  • Approximately 20 to 25 hair beading sessions will be completed.
  • The artist will have a beading kit with them.
Things to Remember
  • Please ensure that one table and two chairs are arranged for the setup.
  • Proper daylight lighting arrangements are necessary.
  • Note that the photos provided are for representation purposes only.
  • Additional charges apply for any extra hours beyond the initial 3-hour service.
What you can expect?
  • With hair beading service in kolkata, our artist can decorate your hair using trendy and colorful beads. Our artists carry various cool beads, such as Viking beads, wooden deadlock beads, vinyl record beads, steel bead rings, and many more. We will not just do hair beading, but we will also customize your hairstyle to match your look.
  • Our artists can add beads on loose hair, braids, pigtails, ponytails, French plaits, and other hairstyles. If the kid’s hair is not long to add beading, we can add extensions to increase the length.
  • Regardless of your hair type, be it straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair, or coily hair, our artists can add beads to make your hair look stylish. The hair beading service from PartyOne is perfect for birthday parties and the best choice for weekend outings, school events, and graduation functions.
Why PartyOne?
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Cancellation Policy
  • More than 48 hours before the experience will receive a full 100% refund
  • Between 24 - 48 hours before the event will be eligible for : 70% refund
  • Between 6 - 24 hours before the experience will receive :50% refund
  • Cancellations made less than 6 hours before the event: No Refund
Customer Reviews

1 Review

Karishma Tripathi
Review received in May 2018

Mattlic Balloons with ribbons decoration is very beautiful I m very satisfied Thank you party wale

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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the stylist you’ve booked. They usually don’t say no if it’s for one or two people.

No. It is almost like making a new hairstyle, just funkier and cooler.

There will be wooden deadlock beads, Viking beads, steel bead rings, vinyl record beads, etc. The artist has a good collection of cool beads.

The stylist will get a lot of beads for actual fun. They can get extensions if asked by the customers.

Yes. But it becomes difficult to get a good look if your hair is frizzy and not combed.

All about Hair Beading In kolkata

Hair beading is the art of decorating hair with colorful beads in cool and trendy styles. There is a plethora of styles out there to choose from, and children can find their own style and wear it with confidence. Hair beading gives a funky, fresh look to the overall appearance, and girls love this look. The bead colors can be earthy, neutral colors that go with all sorts of outfits. Hair braiding for birthday party is a fun activity loved by girls of all ages. Hair beading styles need to be chosen according to the age of children, as small children won’t have the patience to sit for long for elaborate hair beading styles. Simple single-line beading looks fantastic when the hair is let loose. Dressing up is something girls of all ages, even women, love to do as a group activity. Everyone will have their own ideas to add to make the dress-up routine even more attractive. PartyOne has done extensive research to identify the best hair beading service in Kolkata and can book your chosen artist for your party date at no extra cost. You only need to pay the hair braiding artist for the booked time. Just another way of thanking our dear customers for their patronage of PartyOne. 

Will hair braiding for birthday party look too western for an Indian celebration?

Birthday celebrations shouldn’t always be in the traditional style, especially in cities like Kolkata, where the cooler the idea, the better the party. Hair beading might not be the first idea that comes to mind, but it will surely stay there the longest. Hair braiding service at birthday parties can be useful to give a funky and different look to complete a look or to just have something matching with your friends. Also, none of the materials used in hair beading are toxic, so children can also have hair beads for birthday parties. It’s a good idea to use some hair beads because it will feel like an escape from the everyday hairstyles that people get used to. For people who don’t wish to do something big but have a group of friends coming over for their birthday, they can also book a hair braiding artist for rent to spend some quality time with their near and dear ones. At PartyOne, we have a number of hair braiding artists on hire who will make your birthday memorable by giving you a unique look.

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