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Few cities work the intoxicating magic of Mumbai. With such diversity—mixed with much history, a pinch from different lands, and a very modern air about things happening here—that beautiful feeling makes for an exemplary, if not foremost, educational holiday destination. People from all walks of society like to talk about the Medellin spirit: a strong spirit relevant to Mumbai and still the driving force. This city's wide variety of life can be summed up in Mumbai, a culturally diverse festival city. For food lovers, Mumbai is nothing short of paradise. Its street food and the many varieties of Indian food on offer will leave you eager to return again and again. It is also the festival state, a bright hue for all its cultural heritage that binds peoples with a common thread of feasting. Yet this is where God still has space to let in some light bars. It might be termed a city of dreams, where anyone who has ambition and wants not only to eat but also to do something constructive will go to live. So, what gives MUMBAI the power to attract so many people are its combination of ancient and new, extravagant or humorous, traditional or innovative; it's butting onto Old Bombai charm. Head for this lively city, and your visit to the heartland of India will be complete. Mumbai is a melting pot of cultures, from the bustling street markets to the famous, exquisite art galleries. Don't miss the chance to try its famous street food and architectural marvels!

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